Our Play-based Approach

Aesthetic Expression

Art: We believe in giving children the freedom and autonomy for creative expression! Our children are exposed to several techniques such as colouring, blending, shading, working with clay and many more. They also explore with food during Cookery and Food Craft lessons!


Music & Dance: We use different musical instrument to enhance their coordination, linguistic, listening and memory skills. It serves as a language vehicle to connect to our preverbal tots! They are also effective forms of creative outlet that sets the foundation for confidence and self-discovery.

Bilingual Environment

Mandarin is integrated into our daily programme. Our Mandarin teachers introduce the language through engaging activities such as music, drama, games, crafts, sensorial activities and many more! We have also put in place a more thematic approach to guide our children’s understanding of the language.

Imaginative Play

Role playing essentially is learning through purposeful play! It stimulates imaginative minds and benefits children’s cognitive development. Role playing allows them to express feelings and strengthen communication skills in the process.

Messy Play

At Pibo’s we offer sand, water, mud and other sensorial play activities! These activities reinforces mathematics and science concepts through exploration. It will also aid in their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and social skills.


Outdoor Play

Our children at Pibo’s get lots of free play! You will see our kiddos on the trikes and playground every morning. They are also involved in gardening projects which teaches them responsibility and emphasises on the importance of healthy eating.

Afternoon Themed Programmes

Our afternoon programmes are themed with fun and interactive activities to develop strong semantic language skills and an ability to express oneself meaningfully.

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Notice Regarding COVID-19 Situation

Please be advised that Pibo's Garden Playschool has taken steps to support nationwide preparedness efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. For the safety of our children and staff, school visits will be by appointment basis and out of operating hours only. We will not be able to accept walk-ins until further notice. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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